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The FLICK               An image of the flick logo. A green red, and blue arrow shapes. "All You Need"

Flick is the first portable, immersive, one-camera system that provides the low vision user with a revolutionary, multi-function camera system that is suitable for home, school or office use.  Flick goes far beyond the features you have come to expect from a portable camera system as you'll see from the features listed below.  Flick is compatible with any Windows operating system and with Mac compatibility coming shortly.

The user is immersed in the image at both distance and near viewing, on a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, and can control all functions from within that view without having the distraction to manually move the camera, or the target image that is being displayed.

Flick has many special features -                            An image of the Flick camera, with the close up lens opened for distance viewing.

A major feature of the Flick is its ability to remember the location when it is swapped from close up to distance viewing and back to close up etc.

This means that users do not have to constantly search for information on the whiteboard etc., just a click takes them immediately back to where they were viewing previously.

The Flick is now compatible with Windows computers and Macintosh computers

There are a number of videos available for viewing, showing Flick and its features. Please click on the links below to view them on YouTube.

Flick Re-Inventing the CCTV                                                                            Flick Says 'Hi' (An animated description)

Flick Moves on its own                                         Flick 'Sneak Peek' Part 1                          Flick 'Sneak Peek' Part 2

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